Before booking an appointment, one of our client services representatives will have a conversation by email or phone to go over some basic and preliminary pricing based on information received from the client. Assuming the pricing is in line with clients expectations, an appointment will be made. The goal of the first appointment is to establish the design, including colour palettes, decor and floral expectations. From this meeting we will provide a detailed estimate. Upon deposit, the date is booked.


As a booked client, your second meeting is referred to as the ‘design and detail appointment’. This is usually done four to five months before your special day. At this meeting, creative input and discussion reaches a new level. We will discuss in more detail, your colour palette and the style you would like to see created at your wedding or event. While some of our clients may have existing ideas they would like us to replicate others may want new ideas. We are always excited to give creative input to make your event one of kind! Any custom work or additions can be assessed and quoted on at this time.


This is usually about two weeks before the event. This appointment is to finalize numbers and make any last minute changes or revisions to the file. Some of our more detailed assignments may require additional time together.